Supporting a better future for people with visible difference

Welcome to the VTCT Foundation

We are an independent grant making charitable foundation working to improve the lives of those living with a visible difference through funding a wide range of both basic science and clinical research and service provision. We also host and support a network of individuals and the field called The Appearance Collective with the aim of fostering better collaboration, reducing duplication and increasing impact.

All VTCT Foundation funding programmes are specifically aimed at projects, interventions or research that aim to improve the lives of people who have visible difference. This means people who might have a scar, mark, or condition on their face or body that makes them look different. This can be something they are born with (congenital) or something that occurs or develops during their life.

The VTCT Foundation was established in 2014 following a one-off gift from VTCT, a specialist awarding and assessment organisation offering vocational and technical qualifications in a range of service sectors. Two major multi year grants were made in 2015 and 2016 to the Scar Free Foundation and Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) respectively. Since then we have funded over 36 organisations through our major and small grants programme and through themed funding programmes.  We also run a Career Development Programme which makes awards for PhD students and Research Fellowships.


What We Fund

Appearance Collective

What’s Happening

31 January 2024

Family planning and decision-making for people with a visible difference that can be inherited

An interview with Kerry Montgomery, Centre for Appearance Research Kerry is a recipient of one the VTCT Foundation Career Development Awards and here she tells us about her project and…
31 January 2024

Putting CAR’s Newest Research into Practice

Professor Diana Harcourt | Centre for Appearance Research Professor Diana Harcourt from the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) at the University of the West of England in Bristol (UWE) explains…
Research Reports
31 January 2024

Research Reports: Supporting Children, Young People and Families with Eczema

Supporting Children, Young People and Families with Eczema Eczema is a complex disease to self-manage, between tackling the flares, following a regular maintenance regimen and avoiding triggers. It also has…

As stated in our governing document our charitable objects are for the public benefit and are specifically restricted to the following:.

  1. The advancement of education, research and the public dissemination of knowledge in:
    a) the art and technology of health and beauty therapy;
    b) the skills and knowledge required for other vocational employments including those in the well-being, public and service industries;
    c) the impact and treatment of physical disfigurement and all kindred arts and sciences.
  2. The relief of sickness or poor health caused by physical disfigurement and the assistance of those with physical disfigurements, and their families and carers, to overcome any social, physical, psychological, emotional or other disadvantage.