Guidance for applicants

In both categories of grant the following considerations will be applied by the Foundation.

- The applicant must be a UK organisation with its management, operations and benefits all centred in the UK.

- Matched funding by other bodies will be encouraged wherever possible.

-The VTCT Foundation does not work on projects where commercial interests are involved.

- Any grants made may only be used for the agreed purpose.

- Applicants will need to give not only an outline of the proposed study or project, its purpose, timescale and costs, but give a clear indication of its value in the longer term and how its outcomes can be evaluated.

- Successful applicants must agree to acknowledge publicly the funding received from The VTCT Foundation and allow their name and information about the project to be reported in newsletters published by Vocational Training Charitable Trust.

Particularly in the case of large scale projects applicants will need to demonstarte the credibility of the overall project, provide a full background of those institutions and individuals involved, the timescales for it and details of each stage and costs.

Agreement will normally be required to allow the The VTCT Foundation to consult with appropriate professional experts on the validity of the project before agreement.

Proposals will be required in respect of regular reporting back in order to evaluate progress.

Collaboration and Cooperation
In the interest of maximising the efforts of many organisations in the disfigurement field and to increase the effectiveness of the grants made to them, The VTCT Foundation wishes to encourage as much collaboration and cooperation as possible.

Through the activities of the Appearance Collective, sponsored by The VTCT Foundation, in developing seminars and meetings on subjects of common interest it is hoped that organisations can see greater benefits from their resources and efforts.

The Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) at the University of the West of England has received grants from The VTCT Foundation to enable it to undertake research and provide information of value to others working to support those with visible difference. It holds workshops on a regular basis in conjunction with the Appearance Collective.

The Foundation believes that the sharing of experience, information and results is key to successful outcomes for patients and professionals. It encourages, and expects, organisations in receipt of grants to provide access to the outcomes of research and experience.